Tim Field- Environmental Surveyor, The Daylesford Foundation

  • Speaker Bio:

    A farming family and a rural upbringing encouraged my interest in land management, but my passion for conservation led me to study environmental and behavioural biology. I joined Daylesford in 2007, returning to my roots in farming and sustainable food production. Since joining Daylesford I have completed a land management degree to support my work with Carole Bamford on the farm, retail & café business and the Foundation, striving to push the boundaries of sustainable food production and processing.

    I advise on matters of sustainability across the Daylesford Organic brand, agriculture and properties, and am a Trustee for the Daylesford Foundation.

    Maintaining biodiversity has been the primary motivation to get involved in agriculture. With 75% of the British landscape producing food, and with millennia of farming practices shaping our rich biodiversity, sustainable farming is very important to me.

    Presentation Title:

    Agricology:  Practical, Sustainable Farming regardless of labels

    Presentation Synopsis:

    This session looks at how the nation’s leading organisations in sustainable agriculture and horticulture are coming together to exchange knowledge on practical farming techniques.  Agricology is the project leading this collaboration, which provides web-based information via resources, farm profiles, blogs and on-farm events.  Agricology is not bound by labels or brands; it purely concentrates on practical techniques that fall into the principles of agro-ecology.  Although labels and certifications have a role in marketing food, Agricology gathers and shares information for producing food without bias.

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