Martin Chilcott – Founder and CEO, 2degrees

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    Martin Chilcott is the CEO and Founder of 2degrees, the global industry leader in Fully-Linked Collaboration™. 2degrees provides supply-chain engagement programs for global corporations such as ASDA-Walmart, Tesco Group, Kingfisher Group, Bord Bia and Glaxo Smith Klein in over 50 countries. Delivering- smarter, faster, sustainable business growth. 2degrees helps organisations collaborate and unlock hidden opportunities for efficiency and growth, by being more sustainable at a group and operational level.

    It does this through a unique community led platform, enabling members to access essential information, solve problems and bring about innovation.
    2degrees accelerates this progression by harnessing the collective expertise of the 33,000 + sustainable business practitioner members, on the platform, across over 100 countries around the world; enabling the sharing of best practice, access to information and supporting collaborative problem solving on a global scale.

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