Dr Jon Lidster- Business Manager, Metrohm Process Analytics, Metrohm UK

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    Speaker Bio:

    Jon is the business manager for Metrohm Process Analytics products at Metrohm UK and responsible for sales and application development for on-line products. Jon has a background in analytical chemistry and process engineering working within many industries in largely process and product development roles. Jon works closely with customers to develop analytical methods to analyse process and products continuously to feedback to the process to control quality and improve efficiency. Jon’s expertise is largely analyser integration, analytical chemistry and process understanding and aims to work with customers to find a way to improve product quality and process efficiency through continuous analysis.

    Presentation Title : Minimising Waste and Non-conformance with On-line Analytical Technology

    Presentation Synopsis: Metrohm are world leaders in analytical techniques that are routinely used in the food and beverage laboratory, particularly titration and Ion chromatography. It is less well known that these same lab techniques can be taken on the production line (on-line) to automatically sample and analyse from the process without any manual intervention improving analysis frequency, and consistency of results. Metrohm Process Analysers can be designed bespoke to the customers particular application and can maintain processes within their operational limits, thereby reducing waste and generating a consistent reliable product to save money and improve the customers experience.

    This talk will describe some examples of how the lab technique can be automated to control processes specific to food and beverage production and waste water control and recycling.

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