James Suckling- Research Fellow PhD Physics, MPhys Physics, University of Surrey

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    Speaker Bio:

    Dr James Suckling is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, within the University of Surrey. His research focuses on how niche innovation may be scaled up achieve a broader reduction in environmental impact, with particular focus on how waste within the food system may either be reduced or used to create new resources of value. He is working as part of a project called Stepping Up, a partnership of seven universities and research centres looking at the issues faced by not only food systems, but also the water and energy systems with which it is intertwined. The project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

    Presentation Title:

    Competition for food waste and the move to more sustainable food, water, energy systems

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Food production and consumption habits within the UK are responsible for generating significant amounts of waste; up to an estimated 25% of all food produced. This demand for overproduction places unnecessary stress upon the systems of production, resulting in excess emissions of greenhouse gases, use of water, and demand and degradation of land. While it might not be possible to eliminate waste, it may be possible to use it more effectively, turning it into a resource. In this talk we discuss how innovations such as anaerobic digestion, growing insects for protein and valorisation techniques can make the food production system more efficient and reduce its environmental impact. The expansion of these innovations from the small scale at present, to mainstream practice can highlight the potential for the UK to approach a truly circular economy.

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