Dr Patrick Webb- Centre for SMART, Loughborough University

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    Patrick Webb is a lecturer with the Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technology (SMART) at Loughborough University. The focus of his research is to gain an in-depth understanding of water consumption and waste at the unit operation level in food manufacturing, in order to develop appropriate tools and technologies to better manage this consumption in the future. Dr Webb brings a combination of commercial and academic experience in manufacturing to the research, including over three years as a Technical Specialist serving industrial clients at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, and previous posts at universities in Hong Kong and Italy

    Presentation Title:

    Water sustainability for the food manufacturing industry

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The true cost of water to manufacturers can be up to three times supply and effluent charges. In addition water shortages, lack of water company treatment capacity and ever changing legislation are business risks. In mitigation forward thinking companies will implement a water management policy, but long term sustainable reductions in water and effluent in manufacturing can only be achieved by understanding and addressing water use by individual process steps, on which there is rarely substantial operational or engineering data. To overcome this lack, Loughborough University is developing a set of flexible, non-invasive water analysis instrumentation to monitor in-plant effluent flows. The data obtained will be used in a previously developed Water Management Framework to identify hotspots for process or product redesign to improve water sustainability.

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