Dennis Sherwood- Managing Director, Silver Bullet

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dennis is one of the country’s leading expert in business creativity and innovation. Formerly a consulting partner with Coopers & Lybrand, and an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, he now runs his own business, The Silver Bullet Machine Manufacturing Company Limited ( Dennis has degrees from Cambridge (MA), Yale (MPhil), and the University of California (PhD), and is a Sloan Fellow, with distinction, of London Business School. He has appeared on many conference platforms, and is the author of many journal articles and also 10 books, including Unlock Your Mind (Gower Publishing, 1998) and Smart Things to Know about Innovation and Creativity (Capstone Publishing, 2001).

    Presentation Title:

    How to have great ideas ‘on demand’

    Presentation Synopsis:

    A very widely-held belief is that creativity is something ‘magic’ that only happens to very special ‘creative’ people. In this fast-moving session, these myths will be blown sky-high, for Dennis will convincingly show that we can all be creative, and that we can all generate stunning ideas, if we use not magic, but a very well-crafted process.”



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