Dean Barclay- Category Manager (Amur), AB Agri

  • Speaker Bio:

    Amur Category Manager Dean Barclay has over 20 years’ experience in co-products and feedstocks in both procurement and sales. As well as being a specialist in liquids, Dean has helped develop an industry leading category of ADfeedstocks with proven results, through a strong understanding of their value and performance within Anaerobic Digesters.

    Dean has been working in the AD industry since 2009, pioneering a number of key liquid, dry and moist feedstocks specifically into UK AD’s, with tangible results.

    Presentation Title:

    The new Anaerobic Digestion from AB Agri

    Presentation Synopsis:

    A presentation of our new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) business from AB Agri, focussing on AD as an exciting and sustainable route to market for waste from the food and drink market.

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