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    Speaker Bio:

    Chris has spent twenty years managing sustainability programmes for Fortune 500 companies across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

    Chris is Principal Consultant, Sustainability with BSI Supply Chain Services & Solutions. One of a team representing international retailers he worked on developing the Global Social Compliance Programme, a governance structure for business and human rights in the international retail sector. He was appointed to the steering group of the World Banana Forum, endorsed by the United Nations FAO and, following a House of Lords recommendation that the UK government develop a new strategy on business and human rights, was appointed to the UK Ministry of Justice Human Rights steering committee.

    Appointed by the UK’s Minister for DEFRA to the Board of the UK Gangmasters Licencing Authority, Chris was also appointed to the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Business and Human Rights group, and by the Director General of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive to their Agricultural Industry Advisory Committee. Invited to sit on the UK’s Department for International Development Poverty Reduction Forum, Chris was a member of their Procurement for Development group.

    A Fellow of the RSA and Nuffield Scholar, his PhD thesis focuses on supply chain resilience.

    Presentation Title:

    Embracing the Green Age: Technology and Sustainable Sourcing

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The 21st century presents unparalleled global challenges. Population growth, climate change, resource depletion (including energy and water), and food security- over the coming decades these four themes will drive change at each and every level of society. However, deep societal change has been a theme over the past 200 years and, rather than facing an apocalyptic future, we are more likely on the cusp of a new Green Age made possible by new and emerging technologies. It’s clear, however, that in a globalised world organisations will only thrive through intelligent utilisation of those technologies to effect transparency, understanding and support of actors throughout their extended supply chains.”


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