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Charlotte Challis – Research Engineer, Verco and University of Bristol, UK

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    Presentation Title:

    Process energy efficiency in the dairy industry – a systems view

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The dairy sector is a mature sector where competition is fierce.  The processes that take raw milk and turn it into safe food products are well established.  The process control that is applied is focused on the product safety and productivity.  The introduction of energy metrics at a unit operation level are a recent initiative if they exist at all.


    The process efficiency is determined by numerous factors and in a systems thinking approach it is important to start with a broad view. Systems thinking and practice is about seeing the whole issue, seeing interrelationships and patterns in complex situations.  This presentation starts from a systems view of the dairy production process and then discusses the technical and operational decisions that drive the energy intensity of the processes.


    As an example we will be taking a closer look at pasteurisation.  Pasteurisation is both a critical and highly energy intensive step in the production of most dairy products.  Traditionally the process is closely monitoring for quality, throughput and even water consumption but not often for energy usage. Typically operators are balancing a complex combination of priorities but are rarely asked to consider the energy implication of their decisions.



    Speaker Bio:

    Charlotte Challis – Research Engineer with Verco and the Industrial Doctorate Centre in Systems at the University of Bristol.

    Charlotte is a Research Engineer for the University of Bristol IDC Systems Centre and Verco.  Charlotte is undertaking an EngD (Engineering Doctorate) relating to process energy efficiency in the food and drink sector, with particular focus on pasteurisation.

    Charlotte has worked for Verco since 2003.  Verco designs and implements energy and resource management programmes for major global organisations, underpinned by a strategic and data-driven assessment of environmental risks and opportunities. Informed by research, Verco has developed a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance their clients’ environmental management maturity at all levels.  Charlotte has worked in several roles within the consultancy.  Charlotte’s primary area of consulting was the delivery of Carbon Management.  Verco delivered seven phases of the Local Authority and High Education Carbon Management Program.  Charlotte managed four of these phases developing and delivering a programmatic approach to Carbon Management to more than 350 local authorities and universities across England and Wales.  Charlotte also delivered Carbon Management programs for Aggregate Industries, DS Smith, Peacocks and Unilever.

    Prior to working at Verco, Charlotte worked at Thames Water in the energy management group and in onsite engineering roles for 3 years.  Charlotte has also worked in a rural water supply development company in South Africa.


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