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Bina Sitaram- Multi Award Winning Social Entrepreneur & Visionary Leader, Earth Buds

    • Bina Sitaram- Multi Award Winning Social Entrepreneur & Visionary Leader, Earth Buds's presentations

    Speaker Bio:
    Earth Buds was established in 2013. The social enterprise raises awareness around real food and healthy eating practices, sustainability and entrepreneurial skills and mindset through educational programmes delivered in schools and also workshops delivered to adults.  Earth Buds also caters for bespoke commissions with previous clients including Mars Food UK and Big Barn CIC.  The programmes have had tremendous success and feedback.  Earth Buds programmes have been featured on the BBC Mr Bloom Here & There show.
    The launch of the online Cook & Create programme has allowed for schools nationwide to purchase and benefit from the programme with plans to take the programme globally in 2017.
    Bina is a mum to three children. She is a keen runner and completed the Great North Run half -marathon in 2014 to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Bina also likes to spend much time outdoors surrounded by nature and appreciating what this planet has to offer us.

    Presentation Title:

    Earth Buds

    Presentation Synopsis:
    Raising mindful sustainable individuals with an appreciation and value for food and its carbon imprint. As a society if we were to educate children from primary school around the impact that food has on the environment we would soon have a society where individuals are so much more mindful around food choices and the ripple effect on the environment.
    At Earth Buds we are committed to raising awareness around healthy food, sustainability / environment where food is concerned and entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. We achieve this through a six week programme call Cook & Create where children are took on a six week journey of discovery. The programme raises understanding of real foods, how food is produced and reaches our plates, children are also set a task of designing a food product which is healthy, mindfully produced in terms of where ingredients are sourced from, packaging and logistics.
    At the end of the six week children present to a panel of judges (which include individuals from business) and the outcomes are always amazing, we see children say that they have chosen to select ingredients which are locally grown, thoughts on forms of transport used, and the biggest one is packaging, they tend to use the least amount of packaging and ensure as much as possible may be recycled.
    Our aim is to work with corporates within the food sector to help support our programme in schools so that together we can make more of a difference and reach on a wider scale. This can be achieved through sponsorships where businesses are able to sponsor / adopt a school for 12 months. We have Mars Foods as one of our previous sponsors.
    It allows for a wonderful CSR opportunity for businesses and marketing.
    On the whole we wish to inspire children to think innovatively and consciously. When it comes to food ad its impact on the world.

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