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Andy Green- Sustainability Sales Manager, Exova BM TRADA

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      • Title: Sustainability Sales Manager at BM TRADA
      • Website: http://www.bmtrada.com/en-gb
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    Speaker Bio:

    Andy Green is BM TRADA’s Sustainability Sales Manager and works extensively with clients on sustainability projects. Predominately Andy focuses on the food, home and personal care industries and has been instrumental in supporting the uptake of certified sustainable palm oil. Andy was central to the development of BM TRADA’s Responsibly Sourced Scheme for Soy, Cocoa and Sugar and is passionate about finding an effective route to demonstrate sustainability on a range of products, whilst limiting the increase in auditing requirements.

    With an increasing demand for sustainability and traceability a number of IT platforms are developing to support these. These range from online claims platforms, trading platforms and ‘eye’ in the sky type mapping systems that plot forest cover loss and land use changes in agriculture. it possible to develop a common approach to help supplement or in some cases replace the need for physical auditing. How can we meet the need for transparency and traceability whilst avoiding huge increases in costs and bureaucracy or should the need for traceability be questioned in the first place?

    Having studied Environment and Development Andy serves on the RSPO Communications and Claims Standing Committee and acted as technical facilitator for the RSPO during the supply chain certification standards review and Communications and Claims rules review. Andy is committed to the aims of sustainability standards, the benefits of independent certification and the need to ensure a harmonised approach to audit requirements.

    There is some misunderstanding regarding the accuracy and appropriate applications of both nutrition calculations and laboratory analysis. This presentation will explain how the strengths & weaknesses of both can be used to the advantage of the food manufacturer in order to ensure the greatest benefit and accuracy.

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