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Advetec Europe Limited

Advetec is a manufacturer of a proprietary technology that digests organic waste rapidly, reduces operating costs and provides opportunities for residual waste to be used to produce energy. Our systems utilise thermophilic and extremophilic bacteria and associated bio-stimulants.

The Rapid Thermal Organic Reduction system, or ‘RapTOR’, a development of the company’s successful Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD) technology, is an in-vessel solution engineered to rapidly digest organic waste. It is optimised for fast throughput and also has a smaller footprint than most other processes.

In addition to food waste, the RapTOR can reduce waste from sewage sludge, abattoirs, fat traps, septic tanks, filter cakes, gully cleaning and trade effluent, and green waste.

At the heart of the process is a blend of extremophile bacteria, and specially-developed nutrients on which the bacteria thrive at high temperatures, enabling them to rapidly digest nearly all of the organic material.

The advantage of high temperature aerobic digestion is that it is very rapid by comparison to conventional in-vessel composting. Additonally, there is a striking reduction in mass/volume, often 80%.

Some equipment has a heat and moisture recovery system that improves biological efficiency and reduces running costs.


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