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2015 Exhibitors

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    • exhibitor - Wilson Power Solutions

      Wilson Power Solutions 

      Wilson Power Solutions combines two highly complementary power companies and three generations of a remarkable power engineering family. Family run in the third generation, they advocate “old fashioned” values like honesty, reliability and integrity. Passionate about the environment they are the first UK power engineers to be certified CarbonNeutral®. The company manufactures, re-engineers and supplies power transformers, distribution transformers, switchgear and associated electrical equipment including the unique Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous core transformer.

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    • exhibitor - Byworth Boilers

      Byworth Boilers 

      Byworth Boilers are the leading British manufacturers of industrial steam and hot water boilers. Their products offer best in class efficiencies across a diverse range of energy sources including waste heat and biomass. The company continues to invest heavily in R & D, targeting reduced customer operating costs and enhanced user experience. Innovation: Byworth recently

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    • exhibitor - EnviroChemie GmbH

      EnviroChemie GmbH 

      EnviroChemie – water and wastewater treatment for industry EnviroChemie is a leading plant engineering company for industrial water treatment, water circulation and wastewater treatment, with headquarters in the Frankfurt region, Germany. Their engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements.

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    • exhibitor - Clarke Energy

      Clarke Energy 

      Clarke Energy is an award-winning multi-national specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants. Our offering includes both gas and diesel-fuelled technology. They are the largest authorised distributor and service provider for GE's reciprocating engine business. Clarke Energy can either supply an individual generator, or deliver an EPC turn-key multi-engine power plant backed up by long-term service support. Clarke Energy is a specialist in high efficiency utilisation of fuels and is an innovator in the field of combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration technology.

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    • exhibitor - DSV


      DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services, operating in over 70 countries with approximately 23,000 employees.  DSV’s global heritage of temperature controlled and ambient food logistics includes highly productive road services, reliable and time defined temperature-controlled airfreight and cost effective sea freight services. The specialist perishables division provides customers with tailored, time-defined solutions that safeguard the freshness and quality of products to its destination. With a fleet of around 12000 trailers throughout Europe, state of the art refri

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    • exhibitor - Aquabio Limited

      Aquabio Limited 

      Aquabio is a European Leader in Industrial Water, Wastewater and Air Treatment, notably in Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology and Water Recycling and Reuse. Aquabio has pioneered the implementation of water recycling within a wide range of industries including food and drink, bio fuels, pulp and paper, landfill and leachate and pharmaceuticals. Aquabio provide long term solutions for design, build, finance and operation of wastewater treatment and reuse plants and their process led approach to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment ensures that the most appropriate technology is ident

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    • exhibitor - Scanenergi Solutions

      Scanenergi Solutions 

      Our primary role at Scanenergi Solutions is to identify energy savings potential, be responsible for the successful implementation and to be the catalyst of securing sustainability. Using our project model both industrial and commercial sites can save between 10-20% per year on energy consumption, thereby emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere. Moreover, our differentiation in the market is that we don’t simple identify opportunities, we deliver savings, guarantee the results, and can provide the finance required to implement them – so our customers can spend their available capital on other

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    • exhibitor - JRP Solutions

      JRP Solutions 

      JRP Solutions are one of the UK’s leading energy specialists with vast practical experience of delivering energy savings and adding value to our clients businesses.  We provide a wide range of services including ESOS Lead Assessor services,  ESOS compliance, ISO50001 gap analysis, energy surveys, identification of improvement projects, business case development project implementation, monitoring and reporting, energy data analysis, site energy plans, energy awareness training, EUETS, CRC & CCA management, energy procurement advice, plant condition surveys.  Visit us on stand no 4  to discu

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    • exhibitor - Carbon Trust

      Carbon Trust 

      The Carbon Trust is an independent, expert partner of leading organisations around the world, helping them contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.  We have about 170 staff of 30 different nationalities, based in the UK, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and the USA.  Our mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. To have real impact we act as a catalyst, making the case for change to businesses, gover

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    • exhibitor - Siemens Plc

      Siemens Plc 

      For more than 165 years, the name Siemens has been synonymous with internationality and worldwide presence. Today, Siemens is active in around 190 regions, occupying leading market and technology positions worldwide with its business activities in the Energy, Healthcare, Industry, and Infrastructure & Cities Divisions. Our innovations answer the world’s toughest questions. A steadily growing demand for energy, increasing water consumption, and the ever-greater need for high-quality, affordable healthcare are all issues that are shaping our world – and that are especially apparent in citi

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    • exhibitor - Packo


      The importance of good functioning pumps in industrial processes cannot be neglected. The continuation of the production substantially depends on the operational safety and robustness of the pumps. But also the food safety and as a consequence the cleanability are of major importance. Furthermore energy efficiency, so your electricity cost, becomes a distinctive factor more often. Packo Pumps unites an intensive knowhow, with a profound knowledge of the company processes. We aim not only to improve the flow in the pump but also the cleanability, reliability and energy efficiency. Whet

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    • exhibitor - Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd.

      Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd. 

      Lightsource Renewable Energy is Europe’s leading solar development company having deployed over £1.5billion of investment since 2010 and operate over 1 gigawatt (GW) of generation capacity. This experience and scale ensures Lightsource is a credible, long-term partner for your business. A Lightsource Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) reduces cost, hedges against volatile commodity markets and protects against rising non-commodity charges. Fixing energy prices enables long-term security, better business planning and more accurate forecasting. Contact us today to protect your business both from

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    • exhibitor - Lighthouse Systems Ltd.

      Lighthouse Systems Ltd. 

      Since 1990, Lighthouse Systems has pioneered software solutions to help manufacturing organisations be more efficient, more compliant and more sustainable.  We are recognised as one of the world’s leading developers of factory information systems known as manufacturing execution systems (MES). In an environment where the supply-chain is getting more integrated and business decisions rely on accurate and timely data, the shop floor often remains a black box.  Shopfloor-OnlineTM, our MES software platform solves this by bringing all manufacturing data one in place and providing the

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    • exhibitor - Exova BM TRADA

      Exova BM TRADA 

      Exova BM TRADA is part of the Exova Group one of the world’s leading laboratory-based testing groups, trusted by organisations to test and advise on the safety, quality and performance of their products and operations. Headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, Exova operates 142 laboratories and offices in 32 countries and employs around 4,500 people throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia/Asia Pacific. With over 90 years’ experience, Exova specialises in testing across a number of key sectors from health sciences to aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, fire and construction. Exo

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    • exhibitor - Stephenson Group Ltd.

      Stephenson Group Ltd. 

      Innovation is at the heart of Stephenson Group’s growth; this is the core of our business and our future depends on our ability to adapt and develop quickly to answer trends and meet customer demands. The Sustain range of beverage processing aids are some of the first products to come out of the innovations group.

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    • exhibitor - Green Energy Consulting

      Green Energy Consulting 

      Green Energy Consulting is a leading independent United Kingdom commercial energy consultancy, specialising in the renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas sector. Our services are designed to save time, energy, and money. We work to help with all energy matters; from procurement through to implementing energy management and consumption reduction strategies. Our dedication and market intelligence means that we offer informed knowledge, and unbiased advice. We work closely with our clients to evaluate their needs and requirements; helping to lower overall tariff rates, giving advice o

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    • exhibitor - Veolia Water Technologies UK

      Veolia Water Technologies UK 

      Veolia Water Technologies provide complete solutions for water treatment. Innovating in key areas such as sustainable development, resource and by-product recovery, our differentiating water treatment processes enable us to offer solutions suited to every application. We are experts in water.

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    • exhibitor - Sustain IT Solutions

      Sustain IT Solutions 

      For more than ten years, SustainIt have been a key player in global CSR data. SustainIt have helped some of the world’s largest companies manage and develop their sustainability and CSR data collection practises and policies. Our key team members represent our company on the global stage and bring together a unique combination of industry leading knowledge, technical expertise and outstanding service to bring a more holistic approach to sustainability, shaping our services to perfectly align with each client’s requirements.

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    • exhibitor - BasePower


      BasePower develops fully-financed Combined Heat and Power projects in the food and industrial sectors. Tailoring world-class technology and service to the specific needs of the sector, these create significant cost savings for energy users, and help meet environmental obligations at no capital expenditure or operational risk. BasePower was established in 2014 by a team with over 20 years’ combined experience in local energy infrastructure within the UK, in sectors including food production, agriculture, logistics and manufacturing.   Contact us on: 

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    • exhibitor - GEP Environmental

      GEP Environmental 

      GEP Environmental are technical advisors specialising in energy, environmental performance and training. We deliver integrated end to end services, from strategic organisational support to technical site and building solutions. Our consultancy, training and technical support incorporate the latest technical innovations and industry best practice. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, environmental scientists and trainers can work with you to identify practical and cost efficient ways to improve resource consumption, ensure legislative compliance, reduce car

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    • exhibitor - MIP Diagnostics Ltd.

      MIP Diagnostics Ltd. 

      MIP Diagnostics provides a novel form of affinity reagent based on nanostructured Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (nanoMIPs). NanoMIPs are discrete affinity reagents made by polymerising low molecular weight monomers in the presence of the target molecule so creating a molecular imprint in a nanostructured plastic particle. Sometimes called "plastic antibodies", nanoMIPs have high affinities or their target comparable and often superior to alternative affinity reagents such as antibodies and are exceptionally robust they are highly suited for use in diagnostics and assays both in the laboratory

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    • exhibitor - Black & Veatch

      Black & Veatch 

      Rising energy costs, environmental taxes or improving your supply chain credentials. Whatever your motivation, Black & Veatch can help you realise financial savings and improved environmental stewardship with alternative energy systems. B&V has been involved with multiple biomass (wet & dry) projects ranging from 100kW to 250MW and using over 40 different types of biomass fuel. We have proven experience in: Biomass heat, power, cogeneration and tri-generation; Waste to energy; Biogas production, recovery, and energy utilisation; Bioga

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    • exhibitor - Bowler Energy

      Bowler Energy 

      Bowler Energy makes investing in solar photovoltaic (PV) as hassle free and efficient as possible – all you need to focus on is reaping the rewards of your investment. We are agricultural, commercial and industrial solar PV specialists and we treat every installation as if it were our own. Backed by more than 30 years’ agricultural experience, we make it easy to cut your electricity bills, generate income and reduce your carbon emissions.

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    • exhibitor - OEEsystems International

      OEEsystems International 

      OEEsystems International are OEE Experts and specialise in the delivery of our OEE Software & Expertise to progressive, high volume, global manufacturing companies such as  Muller Wiseman Dairies, Finsbury Foods, Highland Spring, Norbev, Aurivo, C& C Group, GE Healthcare, Allergan and CooperVision.  They are benefiting from our PerformOEE™ software and expertise to help them to reduce waste & costs, increase outputs & competitiveness & deliver sustainability & business performance excellence goals for their business. OEEsystems International are

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    • exhibitor - Thermal Energy International Inc.

      Thermal Energy International Inc. 

      Thermal Energy International Inc. is an established global supplier of proprietary and proven energy efficiency and emission reduction solutions to the industrial and institutional sectors worldwide. By providing a unique mix of proprietary products together with process, energy, environmental, and financial expertise Thermal Energy is able to deliver unique and significant financial and environmental benefits to our customers. We are experts in the Food and Beverage industry with years of experience with some of the largest sites in the UK.  We typically provide a site with up to 30% of

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    • exhibitor - Veris Strategies

      Veris Strategies 

      Veris is a collaboration of the best in the business across energy, waste, water and stakeholder engagement. Our clients turn to us to bridge the gap between sustainability ambitions, business strategy and brand story; connecting the dots and bringing it together with creative communications to build truly sustainable brands. The Veris team blends strategic and technical understanding of all the dimensions of sustainability with award winning expertise in marketing and insight coupled with innovative operational implementation.   This means we are able to help companies at all level

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    • exhibitor - Eibhor Pharma Consultants

      Eibhor Pharma Consultants 

      Eibhor Pharma Consultants was founded in 2009 in Dublin-Ireland to provide unrivalled specialised consultancy and support services to the scientific community. Over the years, we have grown and increase our horizon and expertise in providing service solutions to key industries, from general Laboratory equipment and consumables supplies, process analytical technology (PAT) implementation, and training/validation consultancy services. We work in partnership with many leading Suppliers and Manufacturers in the industry, and included in our list of sa

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    • exhibitor - Fluid Technologies

      Fluid Technologies 

      OSPREY/FTL is a joint venture offering environmental technology supply & consulting in; GAS CLEANING, POLLUTION CONTROL & ENERGY RECOVERY for WASTE TO ENERGY, PULP & PAPER, MINING & MINERALS, FOOD PROCESSING & DIESEL APPLICATIONS. TURBOSCRUBBER® & TURBOSTRIPPER® UNIQUE NON CLOG FLUID BED TECHNOLOGY FEATURES • Simultaneous High Efficiency Gas Absorption & Fine Particulate Removal • Doesn’t Foul; Handles Slurries, Biomass, Tars, Gels No Maintenance; Fluidised Packing Elements last for yea

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    • exhibitor - The University of Manchester

      The University of Manchester 

      The University of Manchester is a centre of teaching excellence and innovative research in a broad range of topics including sustainable food manufacturing. We are part of the £16M N8 AgriFood Resilience Programme: a research initiative focused on ensuring the stability and integrity of national and global agri-food supply chains in the face of environmental and socioeconomic challenges. Our Sustainable Consumption Institute is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence focusing on sustainable consumer behaviour, sustainable production and distribution, climate change and carbon, and making deve

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    • exhibitor - Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB)

      Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) 

      Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) are retail engagement specialists, providing the tools and expertise that enable suppliers to develop sustainable products and solutions for retailers. Most opportunities to improve sustainability lie within products and the supply chain. Retailers need to engage with and empower their suppliers to perform at the highest level – to achieve goals and drive the development of sustainable products. The technology that we use facilitates collaboration, allowing sustainability initiatives to be shared throughout the whole supplier network. This ensures you c

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    • exhibitor - Kew Grow Wild England

      Kew Grow Wild England 

      Grow Wild inspires communities, friends, neighbours and individuals across the UK to come together to transform local spaces, by sowing, growing and enjoying native wild flowers. We believe that this simple act of creativity can turn spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wildlife havens; encouraging people to care for and delight in the nature around them.  Grow Wild is supported by the Big Lottery Fund and led by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Website: https://www.growwilduk.com/ Contact Number: 020 8332 3844

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    • exhibitor - DONG ENERGY


      DONG Energy was established back in the 1970s in Denmark and since then has become one of the most progressive energy companies in the world. The company is a global leader in offshore wind, and also a leading energy solutions provider to the industrial and commercial sectors in the UK.

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    • exhibitor - Solarsense UK Limited

      Solarsense UK Limited 

      Solarsense are the UK’s leading renewable energy installer specializing in commercial Solar PV installations. From their Carbon-Neutral Renewable Energy & Conference Centre based just outside of Bristol, they provide a complete design and installation service for a wide range of renewable technologies throughout the UK.

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    • exhibitor - Pera Technology

      Pera Technology 

      We are a leading new product development contractor, working with companies of all sizes from across Europe. We reduce the risk involved in new product development for your company, greatly improving future profitability and competitive success. We use our in-house resources to boost your business, work together to create innovative ideas, and introduce you to world-class scientists and commercial partners to make your ideas a reality. With our specialist in-house teams based in Melton M

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    • exhibitor - Norvento Wind Energy UK

      Norvento Wind Energy UK 

      Norvento is a family owned engineering company with more than 30 years’ experience in designing and operating renewable energy installations. In 2011 Norvento launched nED100, a cutting-edge 100kW turbine that has since achieved full IEC 61400-1 certification. nED100 has been specifically designed to provide power to be used on-site; factories, shopping centres, ports are suitable candidates thanks to our turbine’s advanced power electronics. Norvento have recently embarked upon the design and construction of an ambitious zero-carbon off-grid facility that will be powered by a mixture of re

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    • exhibitor - The University of Cambridge

      The University of Cambridge 

      The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership brings together business, government and academia to find solutions to critical sustainability challenges. Capitalising on the world-class, multidisciplinary strengths of the University of Cambridge, CISL deepens leaders’ insight and understanding through its graduate & executive programmes, builds deep, strategic engagement with leadership companies, and creates opportunities for collaborative enquiry and action through its business platforms. Over 25 years, we have developed a global  network with more than 5,000 alumni

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    • exhibitor - Excalibur Energy Ltd.

      Excalibur Energy Ltd. 

      Welcome to Excalibur Energy Profit from efficiency Saving energy, reducing waste and increasing profit go hand in hand. You can be both environmentally responsible and financially prudent. Let our in depth knowledge, technical expertise and vast experience in improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration, air-conditioning, pumps and fans help you to reduce your carbon emissions. Your project could qualify for 100% tax allowances. Funding may also be possible.

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    • exhibitor - FEG Global

      FEG Global 

      We specialise in Design & Build, Project Management and Consultancy for industrial, manufacturing and process industries. With unrivalled expertise and knowledge in an array of engineering, design, planning, specification and management disciplines, our highly qualified personnel offer you impartial solutions to meet your requirements. Working closely with clients in the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, oil & gas, process, manufacturing, water & waste treatment and energy industries, you can be assure

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    • exhibitor - SRS-Frigadon Ltd.

      SRS-Frigadon Ltd. 

      SRS-Frigadon Ltd present the future generation of environmentally friendly chillers. F-Gas regulations mean than end users and contractors are having to look at natural refrigerant options that have low GWP values to ensure their future viability. Our chillers, with ranges up to around 800kw for cooling installations and 150kW for freezing installations operate on R-1270 and R-290 refrigerant in the primary circuit and with food-safe HYCOOL heat transfer fluid in the secondary circuit. We also offer a full range of supporting products such as cooling coils and GF pipework. Contact our sales

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    • exhibitor - Envirogen Group

      Envirogen Group 

      The Envirogen Group of Companies deliver 21st century environmental technology and process solutions that combine our vast experience in water, air and process development with a track record of exceptional performance, allowing us to deliver long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications.

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    • exhibitor - PPMA


      The PPMA is the UK's trade association for suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to the UK market and represents over 400 member and associate companies. Its principle objective is to promote sales of machinery, both at home and abroad, through various projects and services of mutual benefit to both members and their customers by providing free technical and machinery information and advice. The choice of packaging machinery for primary & secondary packaging can depend on various situations.These can include available budget, payback period, i

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    • exhibitor - Creation


      Creation were formed in 2004 to provide award winning solutions for the ever changing demands of the printed packaging market. Through technical innovation and class leading products we work with designers, printers and brands to deliver the highest quality solutions to ensure our clients products have maximum impact and profiability.

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    • exhibitor - Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd

      Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd 

      Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd provides expert, independent advice in Water Management and all areas of Low-Carbon and Renewable Energy Technology selection. We have worked with major users of borehole water resources for bottled water, food, soft drinks, beer, dairy and leisure. We are also renowned specialists in ground source heating and cooling systems and provide technical advice on renewable energy to the Environment Agency, OFGEM, DECC and several major manufacturers. We provide independent, distinctive and practical methods for reducing costs and consumption of water, energy and carb

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    • exhibitor - Sustainable Wines UK

      Sustainable Wines UK 

      Sustainable Wines UK's mission is to bring exciting, great-tasting and low-allergenic wines from sustainable, organic, biodynamic and natural wine producers to the attention of the UK market.We are the exclusive UK importer of unique intensely aromatic sustainably-certified wines from New Zealand’s newest wine region, ?hau on the west coast of the lower North Island. ?hau’s cool climate and long ripening season create complex and exciting wines, and the winemaker Jane Cooper has subtly oaked our premium Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris to give added palate interest. We support and promote NZ

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    • exhibitor - CSP Recruitment

      CSP Recruitment 

      Run by a team with over one hundred and seventy years’ experience in recruitment in their field, CSP Recruitment’s core business lies in the manufacturing heartland of the Midlands and the South of England. With bases in Leicester, Coventry, Tamworth, Maidstone, Bracknell and Milton Keynes serving seventy different manufacturing, food processing, warehousing and distribution clients on a regular basis. CSP Recruitment has enjoyed double digit growth year on year since it’s inception in 2005 and during a recession by concentrating on client retention, customer satisfaction and low staff attriti

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    • exhibitor - Brunel University London

      Brunel University London 

      Brunel University London is a world-class university based in Uxbridge, West London, and was established in 1966. Our mission has always been to combine academic rigour with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach pioneered by our namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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    • exhibitor - Everysite/tlr ltd.

      Everysite/tlr ltd. 

      Founded in 1991, Everysite provide business and technology services to government and commercial organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally that focus on farming, food and drink and the environment. Whilst we contain the knowledge and skills to successfully complete bespoke IT projects upon request, CASI is our core solution, and is a compliance and assurance solution, standing for Certification, Assessments and Standards Interface. It automates standard-based certification or assurance schemes for online deployment in very short timescales. Used by industry leading organisa

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    • exhibitor - Martec of Whitwell Ltd

      Martec of Whitwell Ltd 

      Martec’s primary focus is giving practical advice and solutions on best practice design, installation and use of CIP and hygienic technologies.  Helping keep your risks manageable. Our work extends from design and supply of full CIP sets through to low cost recommendations where upgrade of installations to deliver consistent hygienic results. Martec have key hygienic pigging patents which work in concert with CIP as low waste clean in place solutions.

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    • exhibitor - BASF


      At BASF, we create chemistry - and have been doing so for 150 years. As the world's leading chemical company, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society.

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    • exhibitor - Spice Application Systems

      Spice Application Systems 

      Spice Application Systems Ltd (SAS) specialises in using electrostatic technology to apply flavourings, coatings, powders, additives, vitamins, spices and oils to a wide range of food and pharmaceuticals. With access to electrostatic testing facilities in one of the UK’s leading universities, SAS’s equipment has already been installed by many of the world’s leading food processors across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. In today’s health conscious environment, where application levels for oils, fats and sugars need to be tightly controlled, the accuracy of SAS’s equipment

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    • exhibitor - Environmental Innovations

      Environmental Innovations 

      Environmental Innovations was established in 2007 with a number of pollution, spill, and firewater mitigation products. We have since moved into larger premises in Hertfordshire where we are now able to design, manufacture and build under the same roof. Due to the company owning private research and development facilities we have diversified into the flood alarm, and blocked sewer detection market utilising our knowledge of wireless and remote technology solutions. The capacity of Environmental Innovations stretches from making recommendations, to investigative consultancy, through to t

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    • exhibitor - PM Group

      PM Group 

      PM Group is an international project delivery company operating from 18 strategically located international offices with a team of over 2,100 people based in the UK, Ireland, across Europe, the USA and Asia. We have a 40 year track record in project management, process design, facility design and construction management for leading multi-national companies. We are world leaders in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. 75% of our revenue comes from the Life Sciences. We work for a diverse range of clients on projects from small-scale consultancy and feasibility projec

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